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How to get to Namaste from Helsinki/Tallinn by car?
A ferry trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes 2.0 – 3.5 hours, depending on the ferry and time of year. The distance from Tallinn harbour to Virtsu harbour is about 140 km and you should therefore reserve at least 2 hours driving time.

Ferry services are frequent – please check praamid.ee for timetable and booking. Choose “ Virtsu” as departure port and “Kuivastu” as arrival port. The crossing takes half an hour. Book in advance and arrive latest 20 minutes before departure. Note! Fridays are very busy from Virtsu and Sundays from Kuivastu.

Driving instructions from Tallinn to Virtsu Harbour
From Tallinn, take the southbound Pärnu highway along road # 4 and drive in direction Pärnu until you get to the Haapsalu junction at Ääsmäki. Turn right towards Haapsalu along road # 9 and continue for about 40 km until you arrive at Risti junction. Turn left along road # 10 direction “Virtsu”. This road ends in Virtsu harbour.

What to do at Virtsu Harbour /ferry port
Redeem your advance booking or buy a ticket, and show your car registration papers to the clerk. You will need these papers to redeem an advance booking.

Driving instructions from Kuivastu harbour to Namaste
Once you depart from the ferry at Kuivastu you drive for approx. 1 km, then turn left, direction “Pädaste/Simiste”. Continue on this road for 4,5 km until you see a sign on your left saying “LÕUNARANNA SADAM”. Turns left and drive straight ahead for about 800m and you will see the Namaste sign and stone fences on the right. Tere Tulemast!

You can now get to Namaste in your own boat
Lõunaranna harbour is only 400 metres away from Namaste! More information on the harbour at: lounaranna.ee