Namaste is not a five star resort but he rooms are very comfortable. One sleeps between fresh linen sheets and a down quilt. Every room has electricity and wall sockets – no TVs or radio. Free WiFi is available.

2 Cottages
The two small cottages are located on the further side of the meadow and they sleep 2+1 each. Old fashioned washing facilities al fresco and there’s also an outhouse, but all the facilities in the main building are at guests’ disposal, too.

The Hut, room 1 & 2
The Hut sleeps 4-6 persons. The attic (room 2) also fits 4-6 persons. The bathroom in the main building is at guests’ disposal.

The Annex, room 3 & 4
Two cosy rooms for two persons each with toilet and shower in the corridor. These rooms are in the same building as the workshop kitchen and dining room with the fireplace.

The Presidental Suite, room 5
The so-called presidential suite is located in the attic with a private terrace. This beautiful space is ideal for two, but it can be transformed for up to 10 persons. WC en suite.

Eating & Relaxing

Our hearty and generous breakfast is served on the terrace or inside with a cosy open fire. Depending on the weather. Lunch and dinner is enjoyed around one big communal table. The sitting room, with a cosy fireplace and library, is located in the main building.

Under the apple trees is the hot bath barrel – it is big enough to accommodate 8 persons. Pure enjoyment under the moon and the stars… or a warm summer drizzle. You can sit and contemplate by the herb garden, read a book or take a nap in the Hammock. What used to be a smithy is now a wood-burning Sauna and the old root cellar is turned into a neat little wine cellar.